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Praise for The Family Quarterback

“Travis Turner joined the University of Nebraska football team as a walk-on player in the early 1980’s.  As his coach I observed  his journey from walk-on to starting quarterback and the struggles he encountered along the way which he chronicles.  More importantly, he relates the struggles he encountered in his spiritual journey as a player,  husband and father.  Travis has gained a level of maturity and insight which makes this book not only very interesting from an athletic perspective, but of vital importance to anyone who seeks to have a meaningful relationship with Christ and seeks to integrate his or her faith into interpersonal relationships involving family, friends and associates.”

Tom Osborne, Former Head Coach, University of Nebraska


“Without the wisdom, counsel and spiritually mature guidance of Travis Turner, I would not have the marriage and family I have today. Through my years as a pro-family ministry leader, political candidate, and now leading a Christian university, Travis Turner constantly challenged me to be a better husband, and a better father to our 8 now grown children. I am so excited that, through publication of “The Family Quarterback,” untold thousands will have the same opportunity to be blessed and challenged by Travis to be the husbands and fathers God created them to be!”

Len Munsil, B.S., J.D. President, Arizona Christian University


“I have known and loved Travis and Carol Turner for over twenty five years. They love the Lord, they love each other, and they are dedicated to helping others make their marriages a blessing. In The Family Quarterback, Travis leaves it all on the field. He is not pretending he has always been a great husband. He shares honestly and openly about his mistakes and the lessons he has learned that have enabled him to triumph over sin, the flesh and the devil, so that he can be the man God created him to be. Travis is the godly quarterback of his family and he lives a life that is a great example for every husband. Those who take in the wisdom of this book and apply it will discover the blessings that God intends for all of our marriages.”

Mark Buckley, Senior Pastor, Living Streams Church, Phoenix, Arizona


“The Family Quarterback is a must read!  As a former collegiate and NFL player, I know the crucial and strategic role of the quarterback in a football game, and as a pastor, I know the crucial role of leadership in the household.  In The Family Quarterback, Travis Turner brilliantly parallels the two, and seamlessly correlates the head of the team with the head of the home.  Turner teaches principles of leadership that will show you how to lead by example, build unity, and guide your family with purpose!”

Andre Wadsworth, Executive Pastor of Impact Church, former member of the Arizona Cardinals


“If you want to be the best husband and father you can be then The Family Quarterback is a must read. Travis Turner does a great job of giving a practical play-by-play guide to be an effective leader of your family. This book outlines a winning game plan for being your families quarterback”

Jim & Debbie Hogan, Co-founders of Standing Stone Ministry and authors of Shepherding the Shepherds: The Standing Stone Story


“I played in the trenches of the NFL for 14 years.  I was an offensive lineman and every time I walked into the huddle across from my quarterback I could tell by the tone of his voice and the look in his eyes how he was doing.  I’ve recently become acquainted with Travis and Carol Turner.  I’ve spent enough time with them to be able to tell how they are doing.   These two are seasoned veterans and have been on the playing field of life, marriage and parenting.  They have strived together  in the trenches of a tough fight to salvage their marriage.  TodayTravis is leading their  team; he has stepped up, to love and to lead his family. He  invites you into his “family huddle” to let you see an honest picture of a family in crises and that same family now on a winning streak.  My wife and I know Travis and Carol well and we urge you to take advantage of their transparency and history of making and then correcting mistakes. Athletes, coaches and fans will benefit greatly by reading The Family Quarterback and following this quarterback’s lead.”

Norm Evans, ’72 Miami Dolphins Perfect Season, Standing Stone Ministries, Pro Athletes Outreach and The Winning